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  • Order

    Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. We will be happy to discuss your order and advise you on your choice.


  • Payment

    Please pay in advance, best by electronic money transfer.
    Payment details will be sent to you with your invoice by fax or e-mail.


  • Shipping

    We send our paddles around the world by air-mail or by parcel post.

    • Air-mail
      Air-mail has the best ratio of shipping cost to shipping time.
      Complete adjustable paddles can be sent within the EU (except Spain) and to Japan and NZ.
      Paddles sent to Spain, USA, Australia have to be sent disassembled (shaft and blades apart). In this case the parts are fully prepared for gluing by the customer.
    • Parcel post
      Parcel post is fast and an adjustable paddle can be sent assembled, but it is much more expensive than air-mail.


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